Our Story

At Respire, our story is one of passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Born from the collective expertise of a diverse team of industry leaders, we recognized a critical gap in the social media management landscape. Businesses were struggling to effectively engage their audience, hindered by high costs, complex tools, and fragmented solutions. We knew there had to be a better way.

Fueled by our shared vision and commitment, we set out to revolutionize the industry. Our mission was clear: to create an all-in-one, AI-powered platform that would empower businesses of all sizes to thrive on social media.

With Respire, we've harnessed cutting-edge technology to simplify and streamline the entire social media management process, from content creation to multi-channel scheduling. Our platform generates tailored strategies based on your unique needs, guiding you every step of the way. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey.

Together, let's redefine the way businesses engage with their audience and unlock their full potential on social media.

Team Respire

Work less, Engage more.
Saas Webflow Template - Whistler - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.com
Saas Webflow Template - Whistler - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.comSaas Webflow Template - Whistler - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.comSaas Webflow Template - Whistler - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.comSaas Webflow Template - Whistler - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.comSaas Webflow Template - Whistler - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.comSaas Webflow Template - Whistler - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.comSaas Webflow Template - Whistler - Designed by Azwedo.com and Wedoflow.com

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Features for Peak Performance

We can't handle 100% of your social media, but we are close 🙂

Generate on-brand ideas

Provide context and let Respire handle the brainstorming.

Manage your entire social schedule

Schedule all of your content all on Respire's social calendar

Tailor social strategies

Create winning strategies to crush your goals.

Target your audience

Personalized tools ensure you're targeting the perfect audience.

Collaborate with teammates

Easily share comments or requst approvals before posting.

Create great cotent.

At the end of day, creating a great experience for your customers is all tht matters.

Meet the A-team

Our roster says it all.

Justin Tomlinson
- 5+ years experience in marketing, sales, management 
- Masters in Business Management Candidate at Harvard University
Clayton Walker
Jr. Cofounder, Marketing
- 10+ years creating impactful media campaigns for Verizon, Toyota,  Yankees
- $3M+ revenues with ActionVFX.com, creating ads for 100+ major Hollywood productions.
Nick Kosmos
Sales Director
- 6+ years SAAS sales
- $3.5M in top line revenue with Direct Components Inc.
Kasra Zunnaiyyer
Product Consultant
- Trukkr.pk (Operational in Pakistan)
- Banburry Consulting - Cofounder / CTO
Kate Scott, UCG creator
Kate Scott
Content Creator
-7+ years experience as an influencer & UGC creator
-1.2M+ likes on TikTok, 5.2M+ reach
-Scaled 10+ business accounts to 21K+ followers
Join our team

Our team is as unique as our mission: to democratize social media management, making impactful engagement possible for all.  

LLM Prompt Engineer
Engineering • Full time

Design and Development of Prompts:Craft and optimize prompts for various large language models including OpenAI’s models, Facebook’s LLaMA, Anthropic, and Gemini to achieve precise and contextually relevant outputs. This involves understanding the nuances of each model's capabilities and limitations to design effective prompts for specific applications in business, research, or consumer-facing products.

Testing and Iteration:Systematically test and refine prompts based on performance metrics and user feedback. Implement an iterative development process to enhance the effectiveness of prompts across different scenarios, ensuring high-quality interactions and user satisfaction.

Collaboration and Cross-functional Integration:Work closely with data scientists, machine learning engineers, and product teams to integrate LLM technologies into broader systems. Provide expertise in LLM capabilities to help guide product development and ensure alignment with technical requirements and business goals.

Documentation and Best Practices:Document prompt engineering processes, outcomes, and learned best practices. Develop guides and tools for non-experts to effectively utilize prompt engineering in their work, contributing to knowledge sharing and training within the organization.

Research and Innovation:Stay updated with the latest advancements in LLMs and explore innovative ways to leverage different models like OpenAI, LLaMA, Anthropic, and Gemini. Initiate projects that push the boundaries of what's possible with prompt engineering to keep the company at the cutting edge of technology.

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